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Angel Therapy®

The modality that I most often offer is "Angel Therapy®." I received my training from spiritual teacher and author, Dr. Doreen Virtue. On Dr. Virtue's website, you may view my professional listing: Viewing my listing there is easy. Simply click on the "Angel Therapy Practitioners®" link on the screen’s left hand side. Then, select “New York,” and scroll down to find my name.

Angel Therapy® is a form of spiritual counseling, similar in nature to a "psychic reading." So I certainly come to a session ready to share intuitive insights. However, I am as much interested in your spiritual well being, as I am interested in predicting probable life outcomes. I intend to create a sacred space, wherein you can readily experience clarity and joy; to this end, I receive information from the angelic realms, and share this information with you. Yet again, to be concrete, an Angel Therapy® session has more of a processing focus, than a typical "psychic reading." That is, as is the case in "talk therapy," I support clients in reconciling with their past, and understanding their present.

I am as concerned with the previously stated matters, as I am with discerning a likely future. All that said: your session will mostly depend on your stated needs. My clients' needs are as varied as they would be, in a more traditional therapeutic setting. Essentially, some people schedule a session to vent, or to simply digest their lives. In this case, I hold a respectful, neutral space in which I am present to what unfolds. My hope is that holding this space will fulfill your emotional need of wanting to be heard, and to be valued in this hearing. Others schedule sessions because they wish to receive data from a higher intelligence; their aim is that by the session's end, they'll know specific action steps to take. For instance, some of those who seek my services are considering whether to accept a work position, or relocate to another environment. This portion represents a good percentage of those with whom I work. I call these individuals "major life decision" clients. My goal in this case, is to be as supportive as I can be, in service to their moving forward. Others want advising on more "every day" matters; in other words, their decisions may not seem very major, yet their choices could have a significant impact on their lives down the road. Both case scenarios are addressed with deep care and attention.

Another fraction of clients is composed of individuals who are acutely suffering; some request my work when they are coping with an emotional, situational or mental ailment, for which a spiritual remedy is required. In response to such cases, I do a lot of clearing: cleansing of the energy field, and of the client's attachment to circumstances, behaviors and people that contribute to the ailment(s). The last sizable portion of clients whom I see is composed of returning clients: those who wish to receive "tune up" guidance. This is the equivalent of going to a great hairdresser-- if one is determined to feel one’s best, one will plan to consistently return.

Of course, I occasionally receive a "curiosity client." A "curiosity client," is one whose primary interest it is to quench curiosities, intellectual or otherwise, on the topic of spiritual realities. I am glad to see, and to serve such individuals. However, our time together most mutually benefits us when one requests my attention, with genuine intentions for transformation. I most enjoy facilitating, and enriching potent personal transformation. Here, I define personal transformation as: the self-expansion that occurs, as we allow for our soul's beauty. My time is precious and so is yours, so please make an appointment with the sincerest of intentions. Thank you for honoring this request.

Lastly, some request my work for the purpose of receiving mediumship services. It is true that on many occasions, clients' deceased loved ones have communicated to them during session. The deceased mainly communicate, as does the angelic realm, through my gifts of clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairvoyance (clear vision). Such communication is a mysterious Divine grace. However, I do not guarantee such phenomena, as I consider communication with the deceased to be less reliable than conveying angelic messages. Furthermore, I wish to associate with the "crème de la crème," of this world, and the next. Simply put: the only deceased ones who can enter our sessions are those of high vibrations; setting this boundary rules some out! I maintain the practice of only inviting in the previously stated, as it is the most comforting, as well as the most responsible choice.

Within the realm of psychological terminology, some might call my offerings "transpersonal psychology"; others might deem it intuitively-enhanced "life coaching." The primary scope of my practice is to support generally healthy people who yearn to be even healthier. Furthermore, I specialize in offering fine-tuning in regards to individuals’ dharmas (service-paths). I also intend to serve those with a spiritual foundation, who desire to edify and amplify that foundation. Lastly, I wish to provide a safe emotional shelter to those who are experiencing losses of any type.

In closing, many individuals seek my counseling largely due to my nurturing presence. I believe that my energy is as important an offering, as the actual work that transpires. And even when I might bring to your awareness a difficult matter, my intention is to do so in a sensitive way. It is my belief that slow, gentle change is just as efficient (and safer), than pushing too quickly.


I also incorporate dowsing into many sessions. Dowsing is a technique that has been utilized for many centuries, predominantly for exoteric purposes, like finding natural water sources. Dowsing can also function as a technique for tapping into one's intuition regarding esoteric matters. I employ dowsing for the latter purpose. In my work, it is an externalized form of divination; dowsing becomes a higher will made visibly manifest. Simply put, dowsing for spiritual healing is just as efficient, as dowsing for practical purposes. As such, dowsing also aids clients in making decisions. That is, out of several choices (be the query which college to attend, or which residence to purchase), we can discern the choice that best resonates. In other words, through this concrete tool, I narrow in on which option emits the highest vibrational frequency. The option that emits the highest vibrational frequency is the option that is most suited to the client, at that time.

Chakra Clearing and Strengthening

You are a vibrational, as well as a physical being. Every person has an energy field, and that field must be cared for in order to ensure physical, and psychological wellness. Every energy field partly consists of chakras, meaning "wheels of life," in Sanskrit. These are intelligent centers through which life energy is distributed. Occasionally, we all experience chakra blockages, due to negative stimuli: be the stimuli internal, external or both. One's block could be as common as "writer's block," or it could be a blockage that prohibits one from financial or romantic manifestation. Sometimes the blockages are less materially, and emotionally oriented; at times these blockages appear in our upper chakras, resulting in cloudy thinking, or in limited beliefs regarding our potentials.

Regardless of what the blockage is, we can team up to clear it. The main method that I employ for chakra balancing is dowsing, in combination with guided affirmations. All that is required on your end is a willingness to be present, and to explore with me. Firstly, I will test your energy field, to determine which chakras are indeed blocked. Then, I will provide you with affirmations that are appropriate to your healing process. The two-fold technique in which we'll engage easily lifts out blockages, and instills pure, positive energy into each chakra. Many report profound emotional shifts during this treatment, that result in an after session glow.

Angel Parties

If you are scheduling a non-alcoholic social gathering, for adults or for children over the age of 9 years, contact me. I would be happy to give readings, to amplify your occasion’s festive energy. Angel Readings are all uplifting and delightful. Especially when offering children Angel Readings, our interactions are comforting, and magically fun. “Angel Parties,” are a terrific choice when one wants to throw an event that will uniquely bond family and friends. By the event's end, every participant will feel noticeably lighter!

Ritual Creation

"Ritual Creation" is one of my favorite offerings. This is a technique that I have developed, built on my immersion in rituals, from various spiritual traditions. When you book a "Ritual Creation," I create in advance a simple, meditative ritual. The ritual intends to resolve your particular issue. When you and I convene in person, we process your needs, and I suggest my intended ritual. If the ritual is indeed a good fit for you, we’ll enact this ritual together. All proposed rituals could be enacted indoors, though weather permitting, we may go outdoors, as well.

"Ritual Creation," requires full attention, as well as some basic tools, such as a bowl of water, candles, sea salt and sage. The ritual is based on the yogic premise, "Where attention goes, energy flows." Our offering acts as a concrete means by which to bring closure to a memory, relationship or venture. On the other hand, "Ritual Creation," can also be utilized to welcome a new opportunity, commitment or belief system. Yet whether we are consecrating endings or beginnings, we will honor what is, and the mystery of what is to become. When our ritual is completed, we will have moved from a place of resistance, into a place of greater acceptance and surrender. In many of my sessions, internal worlds are shifted, and as a consequence, the outer world responds. In the case of "Ritual Creation," we move the outer world, and our inner worlds realign. Through the centuries, rituals have been a powerful agent in manifestation work; Ritual Creation employs this ancient means to bless us with of-the-moment results.

Energy Healing Offerings

Those who request an energy healing, do so for various reasons. Most commonly, my clients seek increased physical ease, emotional stability and mental clarity. I offer two types of energy healing modalities.  Here, "energy healing" is utilized to signify a cleansing, and a strengthening of the human energy field. One such modality that I employ to this end, is termed "Integrated Energy Therapy®."  Details regarding this modality can be found on:  Essentially, Integrated Energy Therapy® utilizes angelic assistance to release suppressed emotional toxins like unhealthy guilt, self-judgment and fear.  Pairing technical skill with my intuitive faculties, I will remove such emotional toxins out of one's energy field. I'll then instill favorable emotional qualities that include innocence, freedom and safety. Those who receive Integrated Energy Therapy® usually experience an enhanced spiritual awareness, too; as we heal our wounds, we feel more eager to connect with Source energy.

The other energy healing modality that I offer is Reiki; you can find details on Reiki, as well as my professional listing, on: Reiki is probably the most well known form of energy healing; there are thousands, maybe millions of certified Reiki practitioners today. Reiki is a gentle, yet sure-fire way to energize the subtle bodies, and bring relaxation to the physical body. Both modalities are non-invasive, low touch therapies, during which the client remains fully clothed.  Integrated Energy Therapy® works to primarily heal emotional issues, and past held traumas. Reiki primarily heals physical issues, and ailments such as tension, stress, indigestion and fatigue.

Both modalities are balancing, relaxing and appropriate for children, adults and the elderly.  I also include visualization, and sometimes sound therapy while working through both modalities. Another favorite (of both practitioner and client) is when I incorporate an essential oil into energy healing treatments.  One example of an essential oil is organic lavender oil. Lavender further calms the nervous system, and quiets mental turbulence. Scents are a wonderful way to engage multiple senses, as we enchant your psyche into an expanded sense of being.

Furthermore, as a Reiki Master, I am also certified to teach others. It is one of my passions to initiate others into this natural system of healing. I initiate future Reiki practitioners through providing simple attunements, and instruction that is easily assimilated. I teach Reiki through group workshops, or individually, via private sessions. Please contact me directly for Reiki workshop rates, and private rates, which vary according to the number of participants present.

Guided Meditations

I offer soothing guided meditations to individuals, and to groups. Meditation is the surest way to discover one's real value; by getting in touch with our atman, our real Self, we connect with a place of infinite worth. Guided Meditations may be received either in-person, through Skype™ or on the phone. During the course of a guided meditation, I offer a time during which you can immerse yourself in stillness, with the support and resources of an experienced meditator. I will begin our session with a short invocation, followed by some simple breath-work. This breath-work will assist us in circulating life-energy (prana or chi, according to various traditions), through the physical and subtle bodies. Then you will be led through a brief introspection, which may include some helpful visualization elements. I'll then gradually lead you into the silence found in-between habitual mental chatter. Guided Meditations are suitable for both beginning level, and seasoned meditators alike.

Space Clearings

I conduct home and office blessings to clear, balance and upgrade the energy within a physical environment. Some clients desire this service because they are in a new location; they wish to feel their energy imprint in the space, as opposed to sensing the former residents' energetic imprint there. Others request this service because the energy in the space that they have inhabited for some time feels stagnant; or perhaps there is an intention that's not being manifested within a physical environment, such as financial abundance. Other clients approach me for more emotional reasons: thought-forms associated with a disturbing event still exist within a space, and require clearing. Still others consult me for more esoteric reasons: there is a disincarnate spirit (or more than one) that must be released from the environment. Whatever the need, or the variety of needs, I am available for imprinting new energy into a space through tools that include Reiki, sound healing, dowsing, prayer and holy water. Yet whatever the primary reason for your space clearing, know that you will inhabit your home or office with much more ease, after the clearing.

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Suggested Reading:

  • Angels 101..., Fairies 101..., and Angel Numbers 101...,
    By Dr. Doreen Virtue
  • A Book of Angels,
    By Sophy Burnham
  • Radical Acceptance: Embracing your Life with the Heart of a Buddha,
    By Dr. Tara Brach
  • Nonviolent Communication,
    By Marshall Rosenberg
  • Interview with an Angel,
    By Stevan J. Thayer and Dr. Linda Sue Nathanson
  • Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of your Home,
    By Denise Linn
  • Pendulums and the Light: Communication with the Goddess,
    By Diane Stein
  • Intuitive Reiki For Our Times,
    By Amy Z. Rowland
  • The Path to Love: Spiritual Strategies for Healing,
    By Dr. Deepak Chopra
  • You Can Heal Your Life,
    By Louise L. Hay
  • A Course in Miracles,
    By Drs. Helen Schucman and William Thetford

Investment Details

All of the modalities that I offer can be scheduled for either 1 hour, or 1.5 hours sessions. When working out of my private practice, I request a fair exchange of $150.00 for 1 hour sessions, and $180.00 for 1.5 hours sessions. Some price improvements do apply. For instance: if you attend a KaTransformations workshop, you are entitled to a 10% price improvement on your next private session. I also honor those who recommend my services. That is, if you refer a friend to my work, and that friend receives a service, you are entitled to a 10% Referral Price Improvement, on your next private session. I offer in-person, phone and Skype™ sessions in and from my NYC Midtown West home office. Pricing is subject to change, when my services are offered through a holistic health center. In the case of a Space Clearing, or an Angel Party, an additional cost is incurred to cover transportation and traveling time.


While I am a compassionate healer and listener, the work that I offer is not, by any means, a replacement for necessary medical care. If you are experiencing an acute physical, mental or emotional disorder, please seek the attention of a qualified health care professional, in conjunction with the above listed services. The services that I offer are intended to compliment other systems of guidance, and supervision. Again, my treatments are not a substitute for appropriate medical care.

Thank you for taking care of you!

In Service to Your Transformations, Kat Katsanis-Semel, M.A., KaTransformations

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